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Vendor Application

In order to register as an eligible vendor through Sime Darby eProcurement Portal, you will need to follow the established steps and application procedures. All vendors will be required to undergo the processes laid out in Sime Darby Group’s registration, pre-qualification and selection policies and procedures.

Please refer to Vendor Application Guidelines available via the links below for more details on how to register as a vendor. The following Document Map illustrates the different sections of the Vendor Application Guidelines to guide you to the relevant sections depending on your registration phase. As a rule of thumb, Vendor Application Guidelines Section 1.0 and Section 2.0 should be read to assist in your preparation prior to commencing online registration.

If you require any assistance or hands-on training, kindly register for our vendor registration clinic here.

Download Vendor Application Guidelines sections & FAQ below:

Section Number /
Document Name
Details Last Updated Date
PDPA Notice Personal Data Protection Act Notice 2 Oct 2014
Section 1.0 General information 20 May 2015
Section 2.0 Pre-Application Preparation (Offline) 20 Oct 2015
Section 3.0 Application Procedures (Online) 20 Oct 2015
Section 4.0 Post- Application Action 3 Apr 2015
FAQ Vendor Application Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)
3 Apr 2015

Please ensure that all necessary information, supporting documents and certificates are prepared beforehand and registration/renewal fees payment are made prior to applying online.

Please ensure that you have read through and have understood the terms of the Code of Business Conduct (COBC) prior to completing your registration application. There is a compulsory requirement for all vendors to sign a Vendor Letter of Declaration (VLOD) in line with this. You will need to scan the duly signed VLOD and upload through the Sime Darby eProcurement Portal in order to complete the vendor registration process. You can obtain the VLOD once your initial application is submitted. A download link will be available in the acknowledgement email.

The vendor Application From must be completed online via the Sime Darby eProcurement Portal. Please click on the Apply button to begin your application process.

“Vendor” and “Supplier” are used interchangeably within this document and refer to any person or business that supplies goods and/or services to the Sime Darby Group, including Consultants and Contractors.